Equine-assisted therapy


Using horses in therapy can include a variety of activities that will benefit clients in many ways. Working with horses promotes occupational growth, offers physiological and physical benefits, and more. There are special gifts that horses give us, and those gifts can be used to help people in many ways. In the hands of experienced horse trainers and therapists, horses can help us find the help we need to overcome a myriad of emotional issues.


   Natural horsemanship


Natural horsemanship, think of it as a form of study of horse behavior that will enlighten most to the concepts of horse whisperers. Horses speak to us in many ways natural horsemanship helps us to understand their nonverbal communication. It doesn't take long after spending time with horses to realize that they understand and feel you. Natural horsemanship enables us to communicate and respond to those connections. By learning their body language and getting to know their emotional states, then by the act of mirroring their ways, we begin to develop relationships through these conversations.


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